Bangkok City: along the railway

Along the railways in Bangkok, everything is moving on their way both people and living thing and non-living thing. Looking at the people and places around me, is one thing I love to do. Some actions or places can affect my emotion; remind me an old memory. Those places (photos below) remind me of my hometown; along the way home by train, do you have any places which remind your old memory? 


My Big Day


 p.s. i love you dad&mom

Such a long time i didn't update anything on my blog. now i'm going through the next step of my life, i'm graduated and become from student to working woman. everything is passing too fast, and i have no time to capture every precious moment. taking photo is the best thing i do to keep the best memories with me, so i can recall everything by see it all. from now on my real life is starting, and have no way to go back all i can do is keep going. eventhough it's not easy in real world but i will ... i will do the best.



i always thanks everyday life on earth even sometimes it's really hard to live in this world, when we have to force with something we don't want. thanks GOD to give me a precious time with whom i love ; parents, friends and myself also.


sky's lover

today such a nice day; warm weather and beautiful sky. when i look at the sky, i feel like everything stop just only me and my mind in the world. on the other way, when the weather is really nice (like today), deep down in my heart always be in sadness. i don't no why ? but sky always be sky, changing its shape every second ..... like my heart


sea sand sun

  beautiful smile

step by step

 nice & clear

sea sand sun @ hua hin

refreahing from the sound of wave and the touch of wind